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98% SiO2, lowest carbon, highest silica, sustainable product for South American and export markets.

Sustainable amorphous silica (SAS) as a drop-in substitute for high cost products that have existing global demand in markets well known to GSG.  Test marketing and sales of lower quality blended ash are already underway to build customer relationships and ensure we hit the market running with higher quality full SAS production.  GSG has scope to expand to markets in US, Africa, Europe and Asia.  This silica revenue stream is of similar value to energy.

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The GSG technology suite produces a high-quality higher-value sustainable amorphous ash, that can be sold into existing markets for performance additives. These markets are proven: for wear and resistance enhancement in the rubber/type manufacturing industry; high strength cement additives; chemicals purification, resin substitution for polishing and drywashing in biodiesel production; and vegetable oil reprocessing/filtering. Most of the existing markets are currently poorly served by high cost mineral products and lower quality ash from poor and costly combustion technologies.

GSG’s low carbon combustion control and processing technologies can change the game for biomass energy, producing a high value Sustainable Amorphous Silica,

  • Allowing for simpler operations

  • Limited preparation of feedstock

  • Amorphous Silica (SiO2) >98%

  • Low Carbon <4.5% carbon at loss on ignition.

  • Fine control of combustion temperature

  • Access to high value markets

Ash tests_edited.png

Independent comparative tests by CEFET were completed in 2016. The studies confirmed that GSG technologies produce high quality amorphous ash – proven by this clean x-ray diffraction profile.
Source: Study of Pozzolanic Reactivity of Agricultural Ash with Portland Cement, Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais (CEFET), Department of Materials Engineering. – Belo Horizonte, MG, BR, 2016

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